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PDF creation software

08 Jul Software

How do you correct a spelling error or add a certificate to a PDF document? In other words, how do you edit an existing PDF file? Our interests now are alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. After all, if you can avoid paying € 417.40, then it may be worth the time. Moreover, in the United States, the software is distributed at $299 tax free (190 €) and no one will ever make us believe that taxes are so high!

Here are some solutions on the market at lower prices or even free.

Foxit PDF Editor

We have presented Foxit Reader as a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader. Yes, but Foxit Software has more than one trick up its sleeve! It is more than just a reader, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to modify the contents of a PDF document received via email or downloaded from the Internet. Thus it is possible for example to add or delete text, images and edit them with a pretty good range of tools provided (move, resize, rotate, copy/paste…). Even better, you can insert external pages to an existing PDF file! Foxit PDF Editor when compared to other programs is precisely simple in creation. Indeed, it is not required to import an existing PDF file to edit it afterwards. Foxit offers a text editor to support its creation from a blank page.

Foxit PDF Editor seems to be a good solution for very occasional use and does not require advanced tasks. The software is sold at an extremely competitive price: $35 or €22.

Nitro PDF Professional

The interface of Nitro PDF Professional well reminds us of that of Microsoft Office 2007. Getting started and startup is easy, the application will ask the operation you want to perform: convert a PDF file, combine two files or change the contents of an existing file. The options are numerous and quite well appointed. More than a tool, it is truly an editor because it is not possible to create a blank document. It will therefore initially convert a file in Word format, for example, then import the editor … rather strange, but it seems to also be the case for most other programs in our selection.

However, the program is really complete. In addition to text and image, you can add headers and footers. In addition, Nitro lets you create multiple keys for interaction through push buttons, radio buttons or check boxes (not supported by Adobe Acrobat Standard). Also, reading a document, where you can place several types of notes, comments, or review the general layout.

Just as Adobe Acrobat, Nitro PDF Pro provides a toolbar directly into Microsoft Office applications. This greatly facilitates conversion. Also from Office programs, you can also perform this process using the printing options.

Since it is mainly oriented towards the professional world, Nitro PDF Pro offers many security options. With a click you can add a signature, a watermark, a certificate, a password (encrypt 40 or 128 bits) or attach to a secure digital identity to share with trusted contacts.

After a trial period of 14 days, Nitro PDF is sold at $100 or about € 64.

Solid PDF Creator Plus & Solid PDF Tools

A typical example of what we can find as a tool for so-called PDF creation. Indeed, despite its promising name (and price!), Solid PDF Creator is very limited in functionality. While you can convert a PDF document, of course, you can combine two files into one. But then, the editing options are not content simply to return the combination function by proposing to apply to your document preset logos (or define themselves) as a secondary layer of an existing file.
This is truly a watermark superimposed, and therefore cannot be changed without real interest.

Created by the same publisher, Solid PDF Tools interface takes Creator Plus, adding more options, especially regarding the conversion of a PDF document. The company says it can convert scanned PDF documents or TIFF images.

But of course if you have a multifunction printer, there are chances that you can already do this kind of manipulation. In short, the SolidPDF software company seems to have nothing truly extraordinary.

VeryPDF PDF Editor

Initially, the software was designed in order to add comments and notes to a PDF file that you want to share in a workgroup. The process is also very simple to perform. Subsequently, VeryPDF PDF Editor has increased its capabilities and now you can add other types of content (text, pictures, sketches, etc) or change the source (correction, police, e-filling a field…). You can convert multiple file types to PDF and vice versa.

At first glance, the interface is rather rudimentary and the options are not as extensive as those offered by Nitro VeryPDF but nevertheless an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat.
VeryPDF PDF Editor is sold at $ 89.95 or € 57.


If the PDF file you want to execute does not specify an original content but rich in artistic creation, then you will certainly want to opt for Inkscape. This open source and free software, embeds everything you need: word processing to the image editor via the formatting of each component. In this sense, Adobe Illustrator Inkscape is The Gimp of Adobe Photoshop. Very easy to use, installation is facilitated to the maximum as it embarks on GTK engine that is not to be installed separately (unlike The Gimp). Once your document is completed, you can save quite naturally in several formats SVG… but also in PDF! Note also that you can import a PDF file and modify it to re-register thereafter.

AnyBizSoft PDF Converter

I named this one the “all-round-magic converter”! That’s me, coz it’s simply awesome. Plus it comes with a free trial version unlike most of those listed above. It has it all and you can use it to convert PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Text and EPUB on Windows 7/XP/Vista. It is quick and also efficient, therefore a time and money saver. It makes PDF tasking so easy you will be wondering how it could be that cheap.


Since its inception, the PDF file format has evolved at various levels in response to strong demand from consumers. Since Adobe Systems has no monopoly on this technology, several tools, sometimes much more pleasant to use, helped to popularize the format and make it a universal system of exchange.

The diversity of players, converters and editors helped develop a flourishing market by offering attractive prices within reach of everyone. Depending on your needs and your budget, you will opt for the solution that you find most favorable.

In any case, even if the version 9 provides for access to rich media content (including reading the flash) and an effort has been made in terms of speed; it is clear that products from Adobe for PDF only, are not as competitive as before.